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Shopping for kids and toddlers is infamously difficult, as they are hard to gauge, grow quickly, and can all around be hard to bring into a store.

Luckily, online shopping exists, which makes things easier, but comes with complications of its own.

Among the problems with online shopping is how difficult it can be to know if the product is actually made with quality in mind and if the features that are on the site are legitimate.

We, at SpeakingfromTheCrib.com, attempt to solve that problem by reviewing the products and letting you know which are the best.

Welcome to Speaking from The Crib (SFTC), your online resource to find baby product reviews, gift and toys ideas for girls and boys, and a lot of mommylicious information.

SFTC provides my best information to help new parents deal with this beautiful yet chaotic phase of life called PARENTHOOD.

I’m Destiney Dias, the mom behind this blog and I dedicate most of the time researching for amazing articles to cover and find products to review.

The main aim behind SFTC is to help new parents deal with their kids in a rightful manner and find the best products without having to spend hours of research (I do that for you!)

About Destiney

About Destiny Dias


I’m Destiney Dias – founder of SFTC blog.

I am an aspiring author and mother of two. I have an annoying dog, three annoying cats, and one annoying husband.

All writings are original and based on my life. Or, they could be complete fabrications šŸ˜‰

My dream? To one day see my book on top of a stranger’s toilet.

Thanks for visiting SpeakingfromTheCrib.com. Enjoy your stay!