Top 18 Best Toys for 4 Year Old Boy [Amazing Gift Ideas]

Your 4 year old boy has an active imagination, and you want to help it grow. That’s where good toys come in!

But as a 4 year old boy grows older his pretend play and toys become more complicated. You want to provide your little boy with the best toys possible. How can you tell which ones to buy and which to avoid?

With the help of great reviews and smart advice, you will be able to pick the best toys to enrich and enhance your boy’s playtime and foster his imagination.

Start with our selection of ultimate toys and gift ideas for 4 year old boy below! Not only are you sure to find something your 4 year old boy will love, you’ll find something that will show him how much you love him too.

Our Top 18 Picks for Best Toys for 4 Year Old Boy (2020 Updated)

1. LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • ​484 LEGO bricks in 35 different colors
  • 14.6 x 7 x 7.1 inches
  • 2.29 pounds

Here’s a LEGO set that’s designed with your 4 year old boy builder in mind. This collection of 484 LEGO bricks features 35 different colors and encourages open-ended play and is sure to inspire his imagination.

He’ll have fun with wheels, windows, and eyes pieces that will give him tons of possibilities for creative building and pretending. This is a great start for your boy’s LEGO collection, and comes in a convenient plastic storage box and ideas on how to start building.

Why We Like It?
  • ​Compatible with all LEGO construction sets
  • Comes in a durable storage container 
  • Includes special pieces to support creativity such as tires, wheel rims, green baseplate, and more

2. Marble Run Toys, 60 Pieces Wooden Classic Ramps Track Building Construction Set for Children

Marble Run Toys
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • ​Made from fine wood and glass
  • 13 x 4 x 11 inches
  • 4.65 pounds

This exciting marble rolling game lets your little boy pretend that he’s an engineer in a way that’s both educational and fun! After he builds a maze from wooden blocks, he can send his marbles shooting through various slanting holes and channels. It’s a toy that’s so fun you might want to collaborate with your boy on it too.

Why We Like It?
  • ​60 wooden pieces and 10 glass marbles
  • Multiple pet care accessories
  • Comes with a storage box and bag
  • Suggested build designs

3. Colorforms Brand LLC Original Classic Set Toy

Colorforms Brand LLC Original Classic Set Toy
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • ​Time-honored play pattern
  • Award-winning kit
  • Brand: Colorform

Give your boy the gift you played with as a kid! With the Retro Original Colorforms Set, your boy can make hundreds of different figures, patterns and shapes that stick to any surface just like magic. This time-tested parent favorite is a great gift for young children that has inspired boys to follow their imaginations for over 60 years. 

Why We Like It?
  • ​350 brightly-colored geometric Colorforms Stick-ons
  • Reversible 2-sided playboard and presentation case
  • Spiral bound case

4. Tonka Mighty Motorized Fire Truck

Tonka Mighty Motorized Fire TruckTonka Mighty Motorized Fire Truck
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • Equipped with realistic sounds
  • Made from a sturdy and high-quality plastic
  • Battery powered: 3 AA batteries included

Emergency! We need a hero to put out a fire pronto! Your 4 year old boy will be ready to answer the call with this toy motorized truck. After he uses the truck’s realistic lights to warn traffic to get out the way, he can use the truck’s mechanized ladder to rescue a family in danger. He’ll have even more fun using the ready-for-action sounds.

Why We Like It?
  • ​Motorized lights, ladder, and sounds

5. K'Nex Lincoln Logs

K'Nex Lincoln Logs
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • ​All wood comes pre-stained
  • Cleans easily
  • America’s National Toy

Here’s a classic toy that’s as fun as it is educational! The set includes a manual to help guide your prospective architect, and if your 4 year old boy is feeling creative he can build a house of his own design. It’s got a selection of musical tunes on its back that lead your child through counting from 1 to 20. When he’s done, he can put all the pieces in the tin until he feels like building again.

Why We Like It?
  • ​Over 100 pieces of high-quality wood
  • ​Comes with collectible storage tin

6. The Learning Journey: Match It!

The Learning Journey: Match It!
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • ​Contains 30 matching pairs
  • Cards are 3” by 3"
  • Encourage Language Skills

Here’s an excellent toys or gift idea  for your 4 year old boy as he learns to read through problem solving. He’ll leave each game of Match It! With a better grasp of important literacy skills like how to recognize letters and form and spell words. The game’s easy-to-grasp cards can even help him coordinate his hands and eyes, helping him grow physically as well as cognitively.

Why We Like It?
  • ​Teaches reading through spelling and letter recognition
  • ​Promotes problem solving

7. "Misunderstood Shark" by Ame Dyckman and Scott Magoon

"Misunderstood Shark" by Ame Dyckman and Scott Magoon
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • ​Teaches the importance of understanding
  • Written by New York Times bestselling author
  • Illustrated by Scott Magoon

Your boy will get sucked in by the promise of sharks, and he’ll end up laughing at this hilarious exploration of being misunderstood. In this story from the bestselling author/illustrating duo Ame Dyckman and Scott Magoon, a film crew seeks to catch a shark on camera and gets much more than they bargained for. Laughter and learning go hand in hand with this can’t miss gift.

Why We Like It?
  • ​48 pages

8. ThinkFun Zingo Bingo Game

ThinkFun Zingo Bingo Game
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • ​​An easy-to-follow instruction booklet
  • No batteries required
  • Develops critical skills

Your 4 year old boy will love it because of the cool Zinger device, but you’ll love it because he’ll be learning to read and match as he has fun. This game is an award-winner, and with its easy to follow instructions, your boy will be having fun with up to 6 other players in no time at all.

Why We Like It?
  • ​7 Zingo cards
  • ​A Zinger device

9. VTech Little Apps Tablet

VTech Little Apps Tablet
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • ​12 learning activities with progressive learning levels
  • Automatic shut-off to save battery
  • 2 AA batteries required

This Vtech tablet gives your 4 year old boy the ability to do everything from type a message to play piano. He’ll learn how to read, count, match and more with his very own guide, Cody the smart Cub, opening him up to a world of learning.

He can pretend he’s just like mom and dad while he uses his own tablet, and with an interactive screen he’ll start to associate learning with excitement. And don’t worry. It’s got an easy-to-work volume knob.

Why We Like It?
  • Built in keyboard
  • ​Sound effects
  • ​Multi-color screen

10. Matchbox 9-Car Gift Pack

Matchbox 9-Car Gift Pack
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • ​Nine 1:64 scale die-cast vehicles
  • ​1 year warranty
  • Perfect gift for vehicle lovers

4 year old boys love cars, especially when there’s a lot of them! In this exciting batch of Matchbox cars, your boy will find everything from a pole position racer to a truck capable of getting heavy-duty work done. The set allows your boy to imagine everything from nine-car pileup to a whole city’s worth of driving action just by opening the box.

Why We Like It?
  • ​Exclusive decorations available only in these 9-car sets
  • ​1 exclusive car per package

11. Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper

Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • ​No assembly required
  • ​Can support up to 250 pounds
  • Encourages an active Lifestyle

Get your 4 year old boy hopping and bopping with his first pogo stick. With the squeaking accessory in the bottom of the jumper, you’ll never lose your little boy as he practices and develops superior hand-and-eye coordination. He can use the jumper inside and outside, and because of the cushion on the jumper’s base, you won’t be able to tell he’s been hopping on your hardwood surfaces.

Why We Like It?
  • ​Safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • ​Squeaking accessory
  • ​Foam bottom for scratch-free use on hardwoods

12. Liberty Imports Kids Take Apart Toys

Liberty Imports Kids Take Apart Toys
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • ​30 piece set
  • ​Includes 2 AG13 batteries for the car engine
  • Does not include 2 AA batteries for the drill

This build-your-own-car set is sure to entertain any 4 year old boy for hours as he builds a ready-for-race-day speedster from scratch and takes it apart again.

He’ll have everything he needs to construct a race car sure to win the checkered-flag, and when he gets done drilling the last screw, he can turn on the car’s lights and make its engine rumble. In no time at all, your boy will be leading the pit crew and driving down victory lane.

Why We Like It?
  • ​Car can be assembled and disassembled using included drill
  • ​Realistic lights and engine

13. Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set

Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • ​Assembly required
  • ​Comes with 1 bat and 2 baseballs
  • Helps improve batting skills

Your 4 year old slugger will be swinging for the fences with this first T-Ball Set from Little Tikes! He can work on taking that home run cut with an enlarged bat and baseballs that make it easy for him to get a hit. And when he’s taken his last swing for the day, you can store the T-Ball set up easily on his wall with the easy-to-use storage accessory. You’ll have him singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” in no time!

Why We Like It?
  • ​Adjustable Tee
  • ​Features easy storage thanks to a wall-hanging design

14. Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Deluxe Building Set

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Deluxe Building Set
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • ​100 pieces in 46 colors
  • ​2.5” gears
  • Boosts fine motor skills

Get your 4 year old scientist busy on his first experiment as he learns how to sort and construct models out of these spinning gears. With over 100 pieces and over 40 colors, the variety and diversity of the models he can build will delight him even as he learns to solve problems and hones his advanced motor skills.

Why We Like It?
  • ​Promotes STEM learning
  • ​Contributes to the development of fine motor skills
  • ​Comes with a design manual

15. Cotatero Dress Up Cape and Mask Set

Cotatero Dress Up Cape and Mask Set
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • ​Satin capes with velcro neck straps
  • ​Felt, adjustable masks
  • Capes are made of high quality materials

Is your home in need of a hero? Nab this gift for your 4 year old boy, and pretty soon you’ll have a super helper saving the world from crime! With five costumes to choose from, your superhero-in-training can team-up with his friends to combat problems great and small. The easily adjustable masks and capes will fit your boy no matter his size. It may take your own superhero feat to get him out of the costume!

Why We Like It?
  • ​5 capes and masks
  • ​5 matching wristbands
  • ​1 Drawstring Backpack

16. USA Toyz Kids Play Tent – “Rocket Ship”

USA Toyz Kids Play Tent – “Rocket Ship”
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • ​Easy to assemble
  • Includes handy storage tote for easy travel
  • 41" x 41" x 53"

Your 4 year old boy will get the first fort of life time with this Rocket Ship Play Tent. There’s room for him and his friends from the neighborhood the next time he has a sleepover. Even better, you receive a free flashlight projector when you buy the tent. He’ll be exploring the stars and sharing his discoveries at the same time.

Why We Like It?
  • ​Fits up to 3 boys
  • ​Free space projector torch with 24 images
  • ​Carry bag to store tent

17. Dickie Toys 48" Mega Crane and Truck Vehicle and Playset

Dickie Toys 48" Mega Crane and Truck Vehicle and Playset
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • ​Toy crane with cable remote control
  • ​Extensive accessories
  • 4 AA batteries required

Your 4 year old boy is growing and that means he’ll want toys that bigger too. With this 4 foot Mega Crane and Truck Vehicle Playset, he’ll have building equipment as big he is to help him complete the projects he’s dreamed up. The crane features a winch and trolley, not to mention a rotatable cabin. The construction truck completes the construction site.

Why We Like It?
  • ​4 foot tall crane
  • ​Push button control cabin that rotates 350 degrees

18. VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn

VTech Race and Learn
Why Experts Recommend It?
  • ​Nine courses that teach shape, number, and letter identification
  • ​Realistic sounds
  • 3 A batteries required

Your 4 year old boy will immediately understand this racing game that lets him take the wheel of a car, motorcycle, or jet! As he gets the sensation of driving, he’ll be learning in the process. The Vtech toy teaches him about numbers and letters. The best part? The driving experience is so real, he won’t be able to wait to play and learn.

Why We Like It?
  • ​Three vehicles to choose from
  • ​Teaches letters, spelling, numbers, shapes and more

Best Toys for 4 Year Old Boy (Buying Guide)

Toy Importance and Benefits

Your growing 4-year-old boy will spend this important year of his life making friends, figuring out how to express himself effectively, and learning how to make his own fun by imagining and playing new games. With all this growth can come some growing pains. This stage in his life can be a struggle for you because you’ll have to negotiate the feelings of your boy’s friends, not just your boy’s.

Your 4 year old will start to test boundaries and discover his own place in your home, and as a mom or dad, you’ll have to give your boy a model for how handle these changes well.

The toys and gifts your 4 year old boy is interested in will reflect their age especially as they start to look for their direction from their older brothers or older boys in the neighborhood. Get ready for your boy to imitate you in the activities he wants to participate in.

As we put this list of toys and gifts for your 4 year old boy together, we considered not only the fun your boy would have but also his safety and development. A toy cannot only help encourage your child’s interests, it can help him gain new ones. The right toy or gift helps you point your boy in the right direction.

Important Factors to Consider

Toys have to mix entertainment with learning. A book that makes your boy laugh or a car that he has to put together manages to do both. This is the kind of gifts or toy that works best for your boy’s steady development. It may appear that a T-Ball set is only focused on getting your boy some exercise, but the benefits are far greater than that.

Yes, physical exercise can prevent depression or diabetes, but that’s not all. While your boy uses up energy swinging for the fences, he’s also keeping his brain working well and learning how to solve problems.

Before you know it, your 4 year old boy will be in preschool where they will confront changes exciting and new. If your boy is developmentally advanced, he will feel confident in these new circumstances and will begin to associate happiness and joy with his educational pursuits. This list includes toys that will help your boy make friends and get into new sports and other activities that will help him socially. You will see the influence a toy can have in creating a meaningful connection between he mind and the body.

Your 4 year old boy will provide you with as much entertainment as you provide him. As he improves his ability to talk and gains new skills a more powerful imagination, he will start to share his view of the world in a way that is at times funny and other times inappropriate. become precocious and sometimes even irreverent.

The best cure for him is some kind of activity that takes energy, whether it be a stomping on a rocket or playing a card game. You’ll find that many of the toys on this list can help your 4 year old boy use his energy productively and consequently work out his problems with greater skill and patience.

Exercise also helps your boy’s ability to get along with others even as he keeps his mind strong and his body fit. The toys on this list offer numerous ways to keep your boy on the move while he learns.

Your 4 year old boy is becoming his own little man. Before you know it, he’ll have a prized toy that represents all the things he’s learning. Get ready to enjoy your boy’s growth as well as get a nice lesson about how a toddler becomes a child.

When you pick the right toy to give your boy, you give him a tool to build his cognition not just for this year but for the rest of his life. By reading and considering this list, you’ll be prepared to choose that gifts or toys for your 4 year old boy today.

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