How Many Baby Bottles Do I Need?

Out of the many endless uncertainties of a first time mommy-to-be, there are some uncertainties we just might never figure out on our own.

As a first-time mommy-to-be myself, I had a lot of things going on and I just wanted to make things perfect for the bundle of joy, so I started planning. This helped me to make good decisions amidst other numerous options.

One of the most common questions of many women during this phase is, “how many baby bottles do I need?

How Many Baby Bottles Do I Need?

Now I understand that there are various factors to consider but regardless, this question must be answered in such a way that it suits every first-time mother…..just make sure you keep reading.

If you are new to this, you most likely would have little or no idea what a baby bottle looks like (just kidding), maybe you do.

But did you know that they come in measurements (sizes)? Well…. now you do!

How Many Baby Bottles Do I Need

Baby bottles could be measured in ounces or milliliters which vary according to the age or appetite of your baby.

The number of bottles on an average, ranges from 4 to 12, depending on your primary mode of feeding; that is either formula feeding or breastfeeding. These bottles must come in different measurements because as the baby grows, you are darn sure its appetite will.

Regardless of your mode of feeding, it’s a good idea to have that lot so you’ve always got a clean one ready.

You’ll have to keep in mind how often you plan to wash or sterilize your baby’s bottle. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to be stuck in between a crying baby and a basin.

You might also want to consider a feeding plan that is best suited for you and your child. 

It could be that you plan to prepare the bottles per meal or in advance. Either way, ensure you’re working with a plan.

As a mother, I can choose to breastfeed, formula-feed, or even do both simultaneously, (just as long as I’m feeding the child). The range of the number of bottles that I use is, however, dependent on my choice of feeding.

But while making a decision I’m bearing in mind a functionality that works well for both me and my little one.

If I’m a full-time mom, I can decide to breastfeed my child exclusively for the first 6 months before formula feeding( I most likely won’t).

Making this decision would mean that I won’t require any small-sized bottle for the next 6 months, thus decreasing the number of baby bottles needed to about 4 to 8 bottles.

In another case scenario where I’m a “full-time mom” but I can’t breastfeed my baby due to reasons best known to me, a lot of baby bottles in their sizes would come in handy ( 6 to 12 bottles).

Don’t get confused though, I am not formula feeding my child yet, I’m only bottle feeding it breast milk. Here, I must allow my baby to experience the pleasure of breastfeeding for a few weeks before introducing the bottle if I can.

In the case of medical conditions or restrictions, I will not able to breastfeed or bottle-feed breast milk to my child. Hence I formula feed. This scenario is not too different from the above so there is a somewhat equivalence in the range of number of bottles  

Again, say I’m a working-class mommy-to-be who needs to get back to work after a few months of childbirth, the only option that comes to mind is incorporation. 

I can decide to blend both feeding options when at home and bottle feed both in an event that my baby is with a caregiver.

Here you know that I’ll be needing as many bottles as I can find (5 to 8 bottles or more) until my child is old enough to cope without breast milk.

Why You Should Get More Baby Bottles Than You Need?

Why You Should Get More Baby Bottles Than You Need

One of the major advantages of getting as many baby bottles as you can is that you don’t have to worry about buying new bottles over and over again. Reason being that you don’t get to use all the baby bottles at once.

This means that you get to replace them when needed. Hence, you don’t have to worry about your baby’s growing appetite because you have bottles big enough to handle it for you.

There are quite a few more things to consider when getting baby bottles. Like I said earlier on, it is about knowing what your baby’s preference is.

Along the line, you might need to change the bottle type or nipple type to ensure the satisfaction of your little one. Eventually, with all these taken into consideration, you can now focus and plan on other things that you and your baby will need.

With the above scenarios given, you know now that there is no definite number of bottles that you need for your baby.

This is because what works for you and your baby might not work for some other person.

In all, it is important to be flexible even whilst maintaining the uniqueness that pertains to your child.

Final Words

I know that the journey of being a first-time mommy can be a cocktail of excitement and worries, but in all make sure you are gaining experiences to learn from.

Finally, remember that the sooner you plan the better and easier it becomes once you start your journey.

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Also, note that even as you plan things may not go according to plan and you might have to restrategize. This is because even when we plan most often than not it depends on what your baby desires.

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