Spectra S1 vs S2 Comparison: Which Breast Pump is Better?

A newborn baby thrives on breast-milk. It is one of the highest forms of nutrition that aids in building immunity, fostering good health, and normal development of an infant. 

Everything a baby needs to grow for the first few months or more of their life can be found in breast milk. 

While there are many benefits for a baby like reducing the risk of disease, increasing their weight, and supplying antibodies, the mother also has much to benefit from by nursing the baby. 

However, there are plenty of reasons why mothers may not be able to nurse and have to look for alternatives like using a breast pump. 

There are several reasons why moms choose to exclusively pump instead of natural breast-feeding. 

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Sometimes babies simply do not want to nurse or maybe the milk does not transfer well while nursing. 

The process of shifting to exclusively pumping can be quite daunting as most moms seem to effortlessly breast-feed without any overwhelming issues. 

I believe that every mom’s journey with breastfeeding is completely unique and one should not feel ashamed of it! 

Being a part of society that constantly tells new moms to nurse naturally is also pressurizing but we must remember that only we know what is right for us, our baby, and our body. 

The Ups and Downs of Breast Pumping 

The benefits of pumping are that we, as moms do not have to worry if our baby is receiving enough milk as the bottles help to keep track. 

New moms can also record their lactation trends over time and can make changes if the milk levels seem to drop. 

Pumping has its own challenges, too. It is a fairly time-consuming process as it can take more than an hour or two to only pump and then nursing the baby from the bottle takes additional time. 

Pumping also requires maintenance of all the devices and bottles used in the process. 

Between maintaining the devices and taking care of the baby, a new mom would find herself with very little time to spare. 

About Spectra Breast Pumps

A working mom or a mom with other kids in the house might find that she does not have the time to nurse her baby. Enter Spectra. 

Spectra is a breast pump device that enables a nursing mom to supply nutrition to her baby with the best possible comfort. 

A good breast pump is one that is portable, that is it can be carried easily with the mother, and one that offers a double breast pump. Spectra provides these benefits and more. 

Mothers, lactation consultants, and nurses alike champion the Spectra breast pump as it offers the most natural experience of breast-feeding. 

Every mom desires to choose the exact right product for their child and choosing the right product requires asking essential questions and conducting small-scale research. 

The journey a new mom undertakes is a magical one that is filled with sweet anticipation and joy. When a baby is on the way, a new mom has a lot on her plate, I sure did! 

The stress of preparing oneself to be a mom, plan baby showers, register for gifts, and decorating nurseries can be overwhelming. It is better to know about the equipment you will need when the baby arrives so that you are not ill-prepared when you have to make purchases. 

Breast pumps are one of the products that every new mom needs while preparing their new-born kit. 

So what exactly do you need to consider while deciding upon a breast pump? Firstly, we begin by making note of our budget and then narrow down the brand we prefer. 

This article will detail the specifics of a particular breast pump brand called Spectra. 

If you are a mom, you are probably familiar with this brand and would like to know how Spectra S1 vs S2 compares. If you are a new mom, then this is the right article to begin your research with! 

When I had to return to work, my search for an affordable, compact pump that would come with a durable motor began.

After reading blog after blog of breast pump horror stories, I took my time with the research and I believe I have made an informed choice.

Spectra S1 – Top Features

Compared to other breast pumps in the market like Medela and Ameda Elite, which cost above $1k, the Spectra S1 was far more economical at below $200.

Reviews of the Spectra S1 lauded its features, hailing it as the equipment that makes life simpler for a mom. 

The features that caught my eye first and which are of core importance to me are the ease of handling and carrying it around, and also the fact that it does not need a power outlet to function owing to its rechargeable battery. 

Spectra S1 is a hospital-grade pump that offers the least possible discomfort and pumps enough amount of milk. 

Starting with the physical appearance of the pump, it is a soothing combination of blue and white. Additionally, the device has a closed system that does not allow the milk to flow into the motor. The closed system is also more hygienic and easier to clean. There is a barrier that protects the milk from flowing into the tubes. 

The powerful motor of this breast pump enables pumping exclusively, activating or re-activating lactation, and regular pumping. 

Another interesting feature is the rechargeable battery, which lasts a good 20 minutes at least for a couple of pumping sessions. There is absolutely no need to worry about replaceable batteries. This device also helps to track exactly how much time each session takes with its timer. Using a timer can help you know when you are going to fill the bottle up. 

Being a new mom means having to pull plenty of all-nighters, which would require a nightlight. Luckily for us, Spectra’s nightlight is a savior of sorts as you do not have to switch on the lights and can ease back to sleep quite easily. 

Most importantly, as a mom, we all would appreciate the few minutes of peace and quiet and are willing to steal a few moments to ourselves without any noise in the background. 

With minimal sound and without any need for volume control, Spectra S1 is comfortably less noisy than the other pumps in the market. 

Investing in a Spectra S1 will be much lighter on the pockets as a breast pump is not the only expense one bears when an infant comes into the picture. 

Additionally, if you have medical insurance, you can rest assured that the Spectra will be covered by the insurance. 

Strong, durable, and long-lasting, this is a pump that will enable moms to smoothly carry out the pumping process and put their minds at ease.  

This flexible breast-pump is not without cons. Its motor is quite chunky, which makes it heavier to lug around. 

A surprising feature of the S1 is its ability to pick up right where it last stopped. This can be uncomfortable if the last setting mode was at high suction. 

Spectra S1’s flanges can be difficult to fit as sizes are varying.

Lastly, the extra parts are not easily available and can be difficult to find in stores like Walmart. 

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Spectra S2 – Top Features

While we can agree that Spectra S1 has commendable features, why stop looking? Especially since Spectra S2 is now in the market. 

Dubbed as the alternative for natural breast-feedings, this breast-pump is said to give the closest possible feel to breast-feeding.   

Spectra S2 is a fairly priced product for the value it offers. The compactness of the breast pump makes it easy for moms to carry it to their workplaces or anywhere else they need to. 

Its noiseless feature also makes it convenient for the moms to pump at odd times or when little ones are asleep so that the sound does not wake them up. 

As with most pumps, there is a feature that imitates a baby’s suckle to ensure the expression of milk but in the S2, this feature is known as the Massage Mode. 

Unlike other harsher pumps, this feature is much milder and gentler. Reportedly, moms have said that they have pumped more milk with the Spectra S2 than with other pumps. 

Plenty of reviews show that moms are much happier with this product as it has not disrupted their milk supply. 

What stood out about Spectra S2 was the emphasis on gentleness, which was backed by many moms who tried this product. Mothers often experience aches and soreness that have a variety of causes. 

Luckily, this breast pump does not add to it. In fact, it is said to be far more soothing than others. 

The S2 is also devoid of BPA and DEHP and is completely safe to put in the dishwasher. 

The Spectra S2 is not without downsides. 

One major downside of the pump is that one will need to lug around a cord and plug, and will constantly need to look around for a power outlet as it is not rechargeable. 

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Spectra S1 vs S2 – Which One’s Better for You?

The features of the S1 and S2 are fairly similar but I will highlight a few differences for clarity: 

  • The first difference is that the S1 is slightly heavier than the S2 at 1.1kg because of its additional battery as opposed to 900 grams of S2. However, both are portable and very easy to carry around. 
  • The S2 is priced lower than the S1, so if you are looking for an option that will not hurt your pockets, the S2 is a perfect choice. 
  • The S1 and S2 also differ in colors; the former is blue and the latter is pink. 

Other Important Factors To Consider

As good as these breast pumps sound, few things cannot be overlooked so that discomfort can be avoided. 

Firstly, if the flanges are not the right size, pumping can be very uncomfortable. 

Secondly, suction levels need to be adjusted right and so does the pressure of the vacuum. 

It is imperative that manuals and online blogs be thoroughly scoured before using the product. Most blogs or reviews online explain in detail the features that come along with the pump

It all boils down to the pump that works the best for you. Online research and talking to other moms who have used these pumps are the most efficient way to find out what works for you. 

We also have to keep in mind that purchasing breast pumps is a pricey affair. While nursing naturally is cost-free, pumps are expensive. 

Although it can be covered fully or partially by insurance, extremely expensive ones are in the price range of $400-$1000.

Pumping exclusively requires foresight. It takes plenty of planning and analysis. 

Pumping also requires relaxed spaces, which might not be easily available in public areas. 

Lugging around a pump has become slightly easier with compact breast pumps but it still requires effort to carry around. 

Traveling with a breast pump requires prior research as some places will not have the necessary power outlets or even nursing rooms.

Final Words

Breast pumps are not only for those who are struggling with nursing. Even moms who naturally nurse pump to boost their supply of milk.

Pumps can be used for multiple purposes like wanting flexibility with expressing milk or wanting to breastfeed for a longer period of time. 

Pumping also benefits moms who need some time alone from their baby as they can ask their spouses or family members to bottle-feed the baby when they are away. 

I have heard many moms say that they were afraid to pump at first as it decreases the bonding time of the mother and child. 

However, that could not be further than the truth. Bottle feeding also increases bonding with your new-born.

Both natural breast-feeding and pumping are completely valid choices depending on your situation and comfort levels. 

What one mom prefers, may not work for another mom, so it’s best to trust your own gut and follow your instinct when it comes to providing the best nutrition for your little one.

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